‘He is an expert guitar repairer and all round guitar guru. He is well worth every penny you may spend with him I cannot recommend him high enough. Gordon has been all over the globe with me and I trust him completely with all my vintage gear, I don’t say this lightly I would NEVER recommend someone if they weren’t top drawer stuff’

Richard Hawley

bill nelson duane eddy comments

Bill Nelson & Duane Eddy discussing working with Gordon (above)

bill belson‘My guitars are very important to me and I’m extremely careful about who I trust to  work on them. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to discover Gordon White and was impressed by his high standards. I’ve taken my most treasured instruments to Gordon ever since and couldn’t imagine allowing anyone else to work on them.  Whether for a basic set-up or for specific repairs, Gordon is the man. He has integrity, listens to what the customer requires and devotes proper time and care to each instrument. The results are always first class and I can confidently recommend him to any musician seeking the best performance from their guitar.’

Bill Nelson – Be Bop Deluxe

duane eddy quote



Duane Eddy had this to say on Facebook before Richard Hawley’s show at “Little Noise Sessions”











Jag’s. I love em. Well, I love the look, the chrome, the sound. But they are dogs, thanks to Fender’s poor bridge arrangement. I fitted my own Mustang style bridge, but that didn’t really cure the problem of the strings jumping out of the saddles during heavy thrashing! It helped tuning stability quite a bit though. I took the guitar over to Gor, and he told me of a product which fits on the tail piece, adding
lots of extra down pressure on the strings meaning way more tension.
The fix cost about £40, and the guitar is now so stuck in tune, I can take it off stage, put it in its flightcase, into a van, and it will still be perfectly in tune for the next show! If you have always fancied a Jag, or have one but get angry at the poor stability, go and see Gor. He is the guitar wizard!

Mickey Dale (Embrace, Talk To Angels)

kaisers“I’m a keyboard player, right? But i play and collect guitars too. I always bring ’em to Gordon as i know i can trust him to do a thoroughly good job and not charge a fortune. My guitars play great and he’s a great guy!”

Peanut – Kaiser Chiefs

brendan crokerBrendan Croker 

I think its fair to say that my guitars get the hell kicked tristan The Bedroom Orchestraout of them! Whether its playing outdoors in the middle of winter, or banging the body for a drum sound till the bracing drops off, my guitars need a very special pair of hands to keep them going. I’m pleased to say that I have found those hands in Gordon, who somehow manages to give me my guitars back feeling and sounding fresh and exciting not matter what abuse I’ve handed out. I send each of my guitars to Gordon 3 or 4 times a year(!) for a full makeover and have never been anything less than extremely satisfied with a perfect set up every time. I wholeheartedly recommend you give your loved one over to those hands every now and again too!

Tristan Mackay

gomm‘My guitar gets a hammering like nobody else’s, it is constantly cracking, buckling, warping and rattling, and Gordon always has a job on his hands! But it is taken with good spirits, fine humour and consummate skill and patience. His workshop is like an oasis of calm, it even smells reassuring. Also, it’s not just wood, glue and fretwire that do his bidding: the electronics inside my guitar a mystery to everyone, even me and they are my ideas. Everyone that is except Gordon White’

Jon Gomm 

billyI bought a Fender banjo years ago and have used it in the act on and off ever since. It has been terrible to keep in tune especially during the winter. I was recommended to take it to Gordon who completely sorted it. New machine heads, bridge etc., and a total set up. It tunes up brilliantly, the heads are like silk and the whole instrument is better than it has ever been in its long, long life! I love it! Also I bought a small but perfectly formed guitar for my 8yr old. The action needed sorting and once again I took it to Gordon and now it plays brilliant. The action is superb and really easy and encouraging for my son. Bless ya Gordon you’re a hero! You bring a lot of pleasure to people!!

Keep smiling,

Billy Pearce

Stu‘As a working musician and a lifelong Telecaster player, although I own other instruments. I have a tendancy to play the same guitar most of the time. As you can imagine the rigures of the road can take their toll on any guitar but my Tele tends to get more punishment than most.
Gordon has managed to breathe new life back into my worn out Tele on more than a few coccasions and the accuracy of the set-up has always been superb’

Stu Page

TalkToAngels 4‘After struggling with our Epiphone Les Paul, which always sounded the bees but refused to say in tune, we took it over to Gordon to see if he could make it more stable. Gordon figured that the problem was at the nut, and also with the gauge of strings we were using. Since getting the guitar back, it has actually been way more stable than the true Gibson Les Paul Studio that we had borrowed. The guitar now stays in tune for an entire show! And thanks to the full Gordon style set up, plays beautifully. Cheers, Gor!

Craig Kaye, Talk To Angels


Hawk Eyes 2

Firstly, Gordon is a genius.

I use Adam Black guitars because they are well-built and inexpensive and I don’t mind if they take a knock or two, which is good thing; the way we play live, my guitars tend to get a lot of hammer, so they often need to go and see Gordon for a bit of TLC. After visiting Gordon, my guitars always feel solid and reliable; the intonation is always spot on, the electrics always clean and noiseless and action is perfect. He can make a £200 guitar play like a £2000 guitar! (It’s just a shame i dont always treat them as such!) He’s advised me on the best ways to upgrade pickups and hardware, and is always up for a chat about what you need and what the best options are. He is honest, straight-up and to the point, and there are never any hidden costs when you turn up to collect.

It’s like going and getting a brand new guitar every couple of months!

Paul Astick – HawkEyes

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