Noel Gallagher

Glasto05-Coldplay-KW11On one notable occasion, Chris Martin, who declared that the 2 vintage Vox Teardrop guitars I rebuilt for him had “transformed my life”. He went on to play them at Glastonbury in 2005 where, via the magic of television, I also spotted 14 further guitars, which had recently been through my workshop, many of them in the hands of Doves.

hawley magRichard Hawley

v_SP_connelly_guitarSnow Patrol

Kaiser Chiefs


Brendan Croker

Jack Dee

The Kooks

The Cardigans

thezutons_1024The Zutons

Pigeon DetectivesHawk Eyes 2

Hawk Eyes

The Hives

Sons and Daughters


British Sea Power

Von Bondies

The Blueskins

killsThe Long Blondes

Four Day Hombre

The Kills


gordon and alfie


                                  Billy Pearce

Alfie & Oliver White

The Coral

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