MON. 16th MARCH 2020;

In order to keep my business running over the next few months it is necessary for me to continue working at Blueberry Hill Studios, as it is not possible to work from home.

I understand that people may be wary of bringing their guitars in for repair and would like to keep contact to a minimum. If you wish to speak to me about a particular repair, or have a query then please contact me beforehand either by e-mail ( or by phone; 07544 099367. I can get all the information I need regarding your repair/set up by speaking to you on the phone and can always call or e-mail you if I hit a problem or if I have any further questions.

Once your guitar is ready to collect I will call you to run through any problems or to explain how the guitar has been set up. Payment can then be made by bank transfer and the guitar can be collected.

Thank you in anticipation and hopefully things can return to normal soon.

Gordon White

Single Coil Guitar Repairs.

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