Gordon White        Tel: 0113 244 1506     Email: info@singlecoil.co.uk

Here, at Single Coil Guitar Repairs I believe that virtually any guitar can be improved with a Set Up, a Fret-dress, Pick Up upgrade or, very occasionally, 1/8th of a turn on a truss-rod.

Your guitar can be made to play, sound, feel and look better with just a little work and time spent on it. Even a brand new guitar can benefit from a quick Set Up in order to realise it’s full potential. Beginners often give up trying to learn the guitar after struggling with an instrument with a high (or sometimes too low!) action, dirty, dead strings and inaccurate intonation. My aim is to bring out the best in every instrument I work on, regardless of the condition or purchasing cost.

When you bring your guitar to Single Coil Guitar Repairs I will draw on my 30 years experience to quickly assess the instrument, pinpoint any problems, discuss the repair options available to you and outline the likely costs. It is not in my interest to persuade customers to have unnecessary work carried out and I will contact you before going ahead with any extra work incurring further costs.

At Single Coil Guitar Repairs all guitars are equal and therefore treated with the same amount of respect, care and attention to detail regardless of whether you are a complete novice or a professional musician.

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Address: 113 Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire. LS16PJ (Above Dawsons Music)

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